Answering your questions Part 1

Q1) Prevention services continue to be cut. Is there evidence that these services work and will the service reviews really pick this up?

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Q2) Current voluntary redundancy plans and plans to reduce Grade 7 staff are likely to produce unsustainable expectations, to the extent that nobody will take on their remaining roles. Is this really not understood at the highest level?

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Q3) What are you going to do differently to make things happen?

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I’ll post more questions and answers tomorrow.


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  1. It is vitally important that the expectations of politicians are scaled down with the scale down in staff. That there are fewer strategies; fewer pledges; fewer international commitments to make life bearable for staff. As an ex employee of BCC I think as well there should be a targeted look at bureaucracy; there was far too much box ticking when I was there and this would reduce the burden a lot on the remaining staff. I would suggest the appointment of a bureaucracy Tzar or Tzarina!

  2. A number of us in the office can’t open the soundclouds on our PCs?

    Vanessa Cusack, Development Officer Housing Strategy, Policy & Commissioning Directorate for People Birmingham City Council PO BOX 16533 B2 2GT Tel: 0121 303 4559

  3. Please note that I am unable to open the responses – along with a number of other colleagues.


    Jeff Shaw Development Officer Housing Strategy, Policy & Commissioning Birmingham City Council 0121 303 6158

  4. Kevin Hamilton

    Does the Prevention Service work? This depends on which aspect of the service you are referring to. From a day service point of view, i would say not only do Prevention Services work but it is needed. We, at Advance Enablement recently undertook an audit of our service from the perspective of the Carers’ (Carers Satisfaction Survey) and the service users’ (Service users’ Satisfaction Survey). To show impartiality, we asked two Student LD Nurses to facilitate these meetings – the meetings with the carers took place at their homes without management present to avoid influencing their answers and because we wanted the truth. The students also took the lead in compiling the questionnaires. For the carers, they looked at areas such as: Communication, Engagement, Service Provision, and Compliments and Complaints. Areas looked at for the service users were: Our Staff (how we present ourselves), Feeling Safe, and Your Care. The outcome of these meetings were used to produce two reports and the overwhelming response was positive.

  5. Winnie Adams-Bell

    Help – I cannot see Mark Rogers responses to the questions raised.

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