Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast


I’m afraid I’ve been a tad busy of late (along with rest of you, I know), so I just haven’t found sufficient time to write a new blog for a couple of weeks or so now.

Consequently, I told myself that this weekend I need to knuckle down, set some time aside and wow you all with the latest pearls of wisdom. However, real life has intervened (again) and, as you will see for yourself as the week proceeds, “events, dear boy” have scuppered my good intentions.

However, I will not be wholly defeated and I have, therefore, great pleasure in directing you to the following article. I wish I could claim authorship because, if you set the particular context aside for a minute (ie newspapers and going digital – although the context is relevant) you will discover that the argument put forward is entirely apposite to our future.

So, please mull it over and then, in preparation for your input into one of the 20 Big Conversations I have just launched, make your contribution to ensuring that our culture and strategy are as one, mutually reinforcing each other to create the future council that our citizens need and deserve. That is, one where we make a positive difference to people’s lives in everything we say and do.

Forwards together!



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