Kerslake: Progress update 2


Please see below the Terms of Reference for the Independent Improvement Panel. Further information about the panel members can be found here

It is expected that the Panel will be up and running by the end of January.

Best Wishes,


Birmingham independent improvement panel terms of reference

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has established the Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel to provide support and challenge to the City Council as it undertakes the measures necessary to secure the improvements needed if it is to effectively and efficiently deliver local public services for all the City’s communities, give value for money for local taxpayers, and promote growth and wellbeing across the City.

The Panel will therefore:

  • sign off the City Council’s Improvement Plan, prepared in response to the recommendations in the Kerslake Report;
  • provide challenge and advice to the Council – its members and officers- as it follows its improvement journey in response to the Kerslake Report, particularly in relation to its timely implementation of that Report’s recommendations;
  • provide a forum in which the City Council can be publicly held to account for the progress it makes; and
  • provide a report in December 2015 to the Secretary of State on the progress the City Council is making, and such other reports as the Secretary of State may request.

The Panel will comprise a Chair, a Vice Chair, and two other members, all of whom are to be appointed by the Secretary of State with the agreement of the City Council. In addition, any children services commissioners appointed for Birmingham will be ex-officio members of the panel.

The Panel’s working arrangements will include monthly meetings (which may be closed or open to the public), and quarterly meetings to be open to the public. The Panel may invite members and officers of the City Council, and such other persons as it considers appropriate, to attend any of its meetings. Panel members individually may work with particular members or officers on particular matters.

The Panel will be supported by a secretariat provided jointly by Birmingham City Council and the Department for Communities and Local Government. The Panel’s expenses will be shared equally by the City Council and the Department.





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