The Race Is On


Future Council

This morning the first progress report on our implementation of the recommendations of the Kerslake Review is published by the Independent Improvement Panel. The Panel has sent a letter to the Leader of the Council and also published a short supporting report – both of which can be found here:

You can also find a press statement from the Panel here along with our own response here.

As you will know from earlier blogs, we will be wrapping up all the actions arising from the Kerslake Review inside our overarching “Future Council Programme”. The scoping work will be completed during April so, for now, we still have a discrete document called “Organisational Improvement – Year One Action Plan” – to be found here.

It is clear to me from the Panel’s letter that we are making progress. For a start, the action plan has been signed off. But there is also recognition that we have taken some important early steps – for example, tackling the recommendations about human resources, corporate services and strategic capacity. In fact, work is underway across all the recommendations and, in due course, we will upload our own monthly reports so that you can see the detail of how much progress we are making. (In a few days there will be new, dedicated webpages for “Future Council” where you will be able to find all the information you need.)

There are, of course, challenges ahead and the letter to the Leader clearly sets these out. Most importantly, from my perspective, if we are to succeed in transforming this organisation both culturally and in its operating model(s), then we need to remain focused on living up to our values and delivering our core purpose. The Panel and, in due course, the Secretary of State at the Department of Communities and Local Government, will want to see – more than anything else – that we are different in our behaviours as well as our practices.

This first Panel report indicates that we are on the journey. To reach the destination requires us all to be working from the same map, headed in the same direction. Let’s keep up the good start and reach the goal of excellence.




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