I Don’t Like Thursdays!

Not really. Although I suspect Kate’s not so keen on them as the last two have been all nighters – the elections and then something called the CEO Sleepout.

Night Fever

On the election front, you should all have had some time now to digest the national and local results. If you still need to check out what’s what, then there’s plenty of information here: http://birminghamnewsroom.com/elections/

Also, the election for Leader and Deputy Leader has taken place and Cllrs Sir Albert Bore and Ian Ward respectively will be filling those two positions again. The Cabinet has also been appointed too and details can be found here: http://birminghamnewsroom.com/new-cabinet-confirmed/.

You’ll notice that there is a new Cabinet Portfolio for Neighbourhood Management and Homes, which Cllr John Cotton will be responsible for. And there is a new Cabinet Member, Cllr Paulette Hamilton, who takes up the reins of Health and Social Care.

The number of Scrutiny Boards has reduced to five (NB This is subject to formal approval at the Council AGM on 19 May). The change follows a review of governance earlier in the year which sought to address the recommendation in Kerslake Review that we should have fewer such boards.

So, some changes to the start of this Municipal Year.

Real Life

CEO Sleepout

Away from the elections and their follow on, I was one of 36 local chief executives (plus one Bishop and one famous former-player) who spent a night out on the terraces at Aston Villa to raise awareness about homelessness.

Firstly, and I know everyone says things like this, but it was a real eye opener. We hardly had it tough – it was for one night only, we all had good gear, and there was good company to keep us going – but we did get a glimpse of just how bloody awful it is to be out on hard, cold concrete on a chilly night with no real way to get comfortable or sleep for any length of time. A very small inconvenience for us compared to the reality that the truly homeless experience.

Secondly, you have been amazingly supportive and, literally, unbelievably charitable. And, true to my inability to quit whilst I’m ahead, I am going to ask one more time for you to part with your cash. Believe me, you don’t want to be sleeping on the streets. Help me do a bit more to help those who have no choice at the moment but to do so.

To give, click here: https://www.justgiving.com/Mark-Rogers21/

To find out more, click here: http://www.ceosleepoutuk.com/birmingham.html

Thank you.

Next Time

I think it will be opportune to update on progress with our Organisational Improvement Plan and the wider Future Council Programme, especially in advance of the next visit by the Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel on 11 June.

Also, a few thoughts on devolution, combined authorities and all that jazz.

Ciao for now.


Breaking News!

Whist waiting for my next blog and an update on our improvement journey, please follow this link http://birminghamnewsroom.com/improvement-panel-to-meet-in-public-for-first-time/ to find out about how the Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel intends to conduct its next monthly meeting on 11 June which it is going to hold in public in the Chamber, here in the Council House.


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  1. I enjoy reading these for the range of topics covered and the insight to Mark’s role and thoughts. It is important for us out here to remain connected to you up there. As teacher I cannot resist commenting on the use of the word reigns…… reins!! Roll and role is another of my favourites but Mark has not fallen foul (never fowl !) of this.

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