Sir Albert Bore statement


Please see below an important statement from the Leader of the Council.

The messages contained therein are self-explanatory but I want to emphasise that, whilst Sir Albert has signalled a change ahead in the political leadership of the council, he has also made it clear that it remains ‘business as usual’ in the delivery of the future Council programme, our improvement agenda and other major initiatives.

There will be further information from me when it becomes available but, right now, stay focused and continue in the mission of making a positive difference everyday to the lives of our citizens.

Thank you.


Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council said:

“For some time now I have been considering how to put in place a succession strategy for the Leadership of the City Council. As Leader, for some years now, the people of Birmingham have always come first. I’ve had a vision for Birmingham and I want to ensure someone else is in place to see through the work that I’ve started.

“What we also need at the moment is some stability rather than the distraction within the Council and the media of how long I might remain as Leader. This is drawing attention away from the work that the City Council needs to drive forward.

“There are several essential items on our agenda for Birmingham at the moment, including the work of the Independent Improvement Panel, the delivery of a Combined Authority and a Devolution Deal with Government, and an agreement on budget parameters which will be necessary to take this Council through to 2020. These projects are crucial for the future prosperity and economic security of the city.

“A new voice will see Birmingham through the next period in its history. So it is right for me to step back and take on a different role.

“I have asked the Labour Party to now think about an election process for a new Labour Group Leader. A new Leader needs to be in place to so as to allow me to step aside as Leader of the Council in December. Between now and then this will be a transition period, but the essential work of the Council will not be interrupted.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to be the Leader of Birmingham City Council. I am sure that one of my Labour colleagues, in becoming the new Leader of the City Council, will continue to bring vision and passion to the job that will deliver both prosperity for the city and a successful future for all its residents and businesses.”

Councillor Ian Ward, Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council said:

“Sir Albert Bore has made a huge contribution to Birmingham.  His drive, enthusiasm and commitment have changed the shape of the city to the benefit of Birmingham citizens.  He has been an inspirational leader.

“I have worked closely with him for over 15 years and have learnt a great deal from his selfless dedication to public service.  I owe him a great debt of gratitude.

“He has always put Birmingham and its people first and whilst I personally am sad that he will be stepping down as Leader of the Council, it is typical of Albert that he has reached this decision by placing the interests of the city ahead of himself.”

Jack Dromey, MP for Birmingham Erdington said:

“Albert Bore is a legend in his lifetime, one of Birmingham’s greatest Leaders in the City of Joseph Chamberlain. He has devoted his life to making our City a better place to live and work. A man who has led Birmingham through tough times, he leaves a lasting legacy. A man of immense integrity who now hands on the leadership of the City to the next generation, he will always be remembered for putting Birmingham first”

Professor Sir David Eastwood, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Birmingham said:

“Sir Albert Bore has made a remarkable and enduring contribution to the city of Birmingham and to its public life.  He has been a tireless and passionate advocate of Birmingham, its diversity, and its standing as one of Europe’s leading cities.  Birmingham has a long tradition of distinguished civic leaders and Albert Bore stands in that fine tradition.”




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  1. How do you balance the power of the political leader with that of the Chief Executive?

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