Introducing Angela Probert

Happy New Year  – and hello!

Angela ProbertWell, they say things come in threes – for me that’s  a new job, moving to a new city and working with new colleagues. All three are exciting, yet scary at the same time.

We all like comfort, security and ‘the familiar’, but it’s good to put ourselves out there and look at things with a different perspective – through different  eyes and ask if could we do things in a different way  to meet the needs of our internal customers and citizens of Birmingham.    

Being ‘new’ allows me to do this – I can ask ‘why’ and ‘what if’. It’s not being critical, or disrespectful of the hard work that has evidently taken place, but may prompt us to question and challenge the status quo  we all experience when we have too much to do.

Actually, we don’t need a new job to do this, or new colleagues, and at Birmingham City Council we’ve certainly got the talent and ambition. Mark Rogers invited me to the Chamberlain Awards in December and I was humbled and impressed by the passion and ambition demonstrated by staff wanting to deliver better outcomes  for the citizens of Birmingham – even in these challenging times.  

As we get to know each other you will see and hopefully experience my passion for developing future talent. We all have a role as parents, teachers or line managers to recognise and encourage young people to realise their potential. It is not only a good thing to do, but also essential to have a future workforce that reflects the talent and diversity across Birmingham – without this we will not realise the ambitions Cllr Clancy has for Birmingham and the City Council. I’m interested to hear from you how we might do this.

A little about me 

I have worked in, or with Local Government for the majority of my career, most recently with Nottingham City Council as Strategic Director, Organisational Transformation. I have lots of experience to share – and will – but promise I won’t mention ‘them’ too often!

I am married to Andy and have two daughters in their twenties – Emma, who works for a large retail company in London, and Sophie, who is an Intensive Care nurse in Nottingham; both of whom make me very proud!

I relax and maintain my equilibrium by being outside (in all weathers) walking the dog, gardening or trawling round the country with Sophie in her equestrian pursuits (I am in fact the unpaid groom!) I take advantage of having a daughter in London to get my theatre and cultural fix – and am keen to experience what Birmingham has to offer – happy for you to share any suggestions.

So what are my New Years resolutions alongside the ‘eat less’ and ‘do more exercise’?

I will:

  • Work collaboratively with our partners to commission effective and value for money services that meet the needs of our citizens
  • Focus on what will make a difference and stop activity that serves no purpose or that doesn’t support the delivery of outcomes
  • Keep things simple!
  • Work alongside colleagues to deliver the Future Council programme
  • Ensure the future Support Services structure, systems and way of working enable frontline teams to focus on our citizens
  • Live on a daily basis the values and behaviours of a Birmingham leader and empower my teams to develop  a rich and diverse talent

You will have to let me know whether I stick to them!

I’m already getting out and about and have met some excellent and committed Members, staff and partners. I want to get to know Birmingham and the people who make a difference to this great city.

I look forward to meeting your teams and working with you over the next few years.

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