Thoughts from TEDx Brum

by Debbie Needle

I went to TEDx Brum this year because the Future Council programme team pitched for a stall and secured a small space to connect with other people attending the event.

For most of us this was a very new type of event, we didn’t know exactly what to expect or if anything would actually be produced from being part of this collaboration. But – wow! By the end of the day our senses were on overload and our minds were spinning.

It was a bit like ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ where contestants arrive with bags of unknown ingredients.  In this case my “bag” was overflowing with poems, stories, feelings, songs, science, art, pain, pleasure, laughter and power, filled up by all of us together, talking and tweeting and sharing our thoughts, ideas and actions.

After, when you have tipped out the contents of your bag, you don’t immediately see what you can make from such an overwhelming mixture but slowly as the days pass after the event, you start to create a menu of ideas from what everyone had provided.

You don’t arrive on the day with a problem to solve or a thing to make, you don’t leave with a solution, you simply continue in a changed state that is now inspired and innovative.

I continue to watch cookery programmes and one of my current favourites is Master Chef, where the contestants have an “invention test” so as I look forward to cooking with all sorts of new ingredients in a life beyond Birmingham City Council I hope that we will all be able to work together in the future council to make spaces to find inspiration in what other people do, meaning from the information we share and innovation through experimentation, after all it would be a great shame if we never chose something new from the menu when you know there are so many different things to try.


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